Prince George’s Personal Injury Lawyers

auto accidentDon’t let the insurance adjuster bully you into settling your claim for less than it is worth. Our Prince George’s Personal Injury Lawyers will protect your rights and make sure you receive fair compensation for your Injuries.

In our experience, most people want to resolve their personal injury claim with the insurance company on their own, as quickly and efficiently as possible. Most insurance companies, however, have a different agenda.

If you feel like the insurance adjuster handling your injury claim is dragging his feet, you are probably right. The adjuster is an employee of the insurance company; he is rewarded for settling claims for as little as possible. Stalling is just one of many tactics adjusters use to get you to accept less than your case is worth. The adjuster might also:

  • Blame you for any delay, claiming that you are not cooperating with the insurance company’s investigation;
  • Claim to have lost the medical records or other documents you provided to him months ago;
  • Claim (falsely) that “company policy” prevents him from him from even considering certain types of damages;
  • Claim (falsely) that his supervisor has capped the settlement value of your case at a ridiculously low amount; or
  • Demand that you submit to an “independent” medical examination before an offer will be made.

The best way to deal with these and other negotiating tactics practiced by insurance companies and their adjusters is to:

  • Educate yourself, so that you can negotiate from a position of strength; and
  • Level the playing field with the help of an experienced Prince George’s County injury lawyer.

Learn all you can about your insurance company’s settlement practices. In negotiations, knowledge is power. My personal injury library, located at the bottom of this page, contains over 150 educational articles on topics ranging from paying your medical bills to insurance company surveillance to jury selection at trial.
Consult with a personal injury lawyer. If, or when, you decide it is time to speak with a personal injury lawyer, choose carefully. The reputation of your personal injury attorney is one of several factors an adjuster will consider in evaluating your claim. The adjuster will investigate your attorney and assess his or her track record in personal injury cases. How many cases has the attorney handled? What is her success record? What types of settlements has she achieved? Does she have the courage to take a case to trial? When the adjuster on your case looks into my background, he will learn:

  • Prior to devoting my practice to helping injured individuals, I worked as an insurance defense attorney. I know how to negotiate with insurance company adjusters and lawyers because I have been on the other side of the negotiating table. I will never be intimated into settling a claim for less than it is worth.
  • I am not afraid to take a case to a jury. Since 1997, I have tried more than 100 injury cases in Maryland Circuit Courts.

Having a knowledgeable and determined injury trial lawyer on your side will get the adjuster’s attention and force the insurance company to take your claim seriously.